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Dedication of the Callaway grave marker.
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Daniel Boone was buried on a family member's farm at Marthasville, Missouri (Charette, Louisiana Territory) in 1820, where his wife, Rebecca (Bryan) Boone, had been buried seven years earlier. He chose this location for Rebecca, who appears to have been the first person to be buried here. It was his request to be buried here with her.

DIED: On Tuesday 26th at Charette village, in the 90th year of his age, the celebrated Col. Daniel Boon, discoverer and first settler of the state of Kentucky. He was buried at the Charette village, and thus the remains of the man whose name is identified with that of Kentucky, now repose on the banks of Missouri.
 . . . The American, 30 Oct 1820 (N.Y. Newspaper reprint from St Louis news, Sept. 1820. 90th year should read 86th year.)

The Friends of Daniel Boone's Burial Site in Missouri is a non-profit 501C.3 organization, located in Marthasville, Missouri. The group is devoted to historical preservation, focused primarily on the Bryan (Boone) Cemetery. We have been appointed by the county as caretakers of the historic cemetery.

Please enjoy reading the history and information we have put here to share with you and if you have any questions, feel free to contact us. Daniel's beloved daughter, Jemima, and her husband, Flanders Callaway, are buried here also.

There is a great need to upgrade the burial site and make it a more fitting memorial to one of our nation's most beloved heroes. The Friends of Daniel Boone's Burial Site in Missouri was founded for that reason.

All donations (money and / or materials) are tax deductable. Please follow this link for mailing address. You may also make your donation by credit card through PAYPAL.

Your help, no matter how small, is much appreciated.


The background of the image at the top of this page is from a photo taken of a small horn powder flask which was made by Daniel Boone. He carved his name and the date of 1818. The oval inset of Daniel Boone is from a painting of him at the age of 85.

Friends of Daniel Boone's Burial Site in Missouri